LINA shop-talk session – insurance

At this week’s shop-talk session, LINA members are invited to join a conversation with Tyler Speers from KBI Group about all things insurance.┬áKBI Group has just been appointed as our insurance broker partners, offering advice, discount rates and package recommendations to minimise risk for news publishers.

Tyler will be our guest speaker at this week’s gathering to:

  1. introduce the broker arrangement available to LINA members;
  2. gather some more information from members about insurance requirements to ensure access to the most appropriate packages; and
  3. share some recommended basic insurance requirements to minimise risk.


LINA members will have a chance to ask your insurance questions and to meet some of the newest members to join the LINA family. Check your member emails for the Zoom event invite.

Note: future meeting times will alternate between Tuesdays & Thursdays to share deadline clashes around

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