LINA has made the following submissions on behalf of members:

LINA Pre-Budget Submission 2023

LINA has made a submission to the treasury that outlining requests for funding, both for LINA-coordinated activities and directly to support start-ups get established. It also steps out rationale for policy interventions including:

  • access to DGR status for news publishers,
  • legislated government spend ratios,
  • updated local government acts to include digital news outlets in public notice obligations, and
  • digital news publisher eligibility for all government support programs relevant to news media.

Treasury Laws Amendment – DGR Registers Reform 2023

LINA sent a response to the Treasury’s draft DGR Registers Reform requesting the introduction of public interest journalism to the Charities Act with an aligned DGR category to support donations from individuals and philanthropists to local news services. 

Australia’s Disaster Resilience – LINA Response 2023

LINA’s response to the Senate Select Committee on Australia’s Disaster Resilience highlighting the importance of relevant information distribution in emergency preparedness, timely and accurate information during a crisis complemented by local knowledge, and the contribution of local news services to rebuilding communities and supporting resilience after emergency events. 

ACMA Measuring Media Diversity – LINA Response 2023