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LINA understands the challenges faced by both large and small news publishers when it comes to finding sub-editors to support their news services. That’s why we offer a sub-editing service for both members and non-members.

Get your news articles ready for publication with LINA’s sub-editing service. Choose from a pool of experienced sub-editors, select your desired due date, and enjoy prompt turnaround for your edited articles. As a member, take advantage of our subsidised rate for this service. Enhance the quality of your news content with LINA’s sub-editing service today.


  1. Select preferred level of sub-editor (senior or junior) based on your needs.
  2. Choose article length.
  3. Make payment (subsidised rate for members).
  4. Upload article in Word format for easy review.
  5. Set desired due date for delivery. NOTE: minimum 2 working days turnaround.
  6. Receive edited article.

Note: Make any updates or changes before submitting article and confirming payment.

Meet our Sub-Editors: Our team consists of seasoned senior sub-editors with extensive experience and junior sub-editors who are actively developing their skills and gaining practical expertise.

Junior Sub-Editors

Evie Dinkelmeyer

Evie works as the communications officer for LINA, leveraging her degree in Professional Communications from RMIT University, focused on current affairs and news reporting through her minor in contemporary politics. Evie has honed her writing skills in the lifestyle and culture space, freelancing for Fashion Journal magazine during her university years, and more recently contributing to the press team for the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Lauren Richardson

Lauren, a third-year journalism student at RMIT, embarked on her academic journey after a period of travelling through Europe and working in the UK. This experience not only clarified her educational path but also ignited a passion for food, as she still thinks about the pizza in Rome and the confit duck leg and bean stew in Carcassonne. Lauren is an avid reader and enjoys reading Fantasy and Science Fiction books and playing video games, often with her loyal pets, Porcini the cat and Jax the German Shepherd, by her side. Her aspirations include undertaking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, publishing a book, and mastering a second language. As a journalist, Lauren is keen on delving into audio mediums as third person.

Perry Smythe

Perry is passionate about the art of storytelling. Having successfully completed English Language VCE in Year 11, Perry has had a strong passion for literature and a love for reading since childhood. Perry’s curious and analytical mind thrives on collaborating with fellow creatives to elevate written works, whether refining his own pieces or assisting others. With a Bachelor of Screen Media, Perry is currently embarking on the first year of an Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Perry is also established as a freelance Beta Reader, providing valuable feedback and insights for over three years.

Sabrina Caires

Sabrina is an Entertainment Journalism graduate and final-year Bachelor of Communications student at RMIT. She is a freelance feature writer specialising in the arts and entertainment, having written extensively for Broadsheet’s print and digital editions. She has also worked for Broadsheet as a fact-checker. In 2023, she was a section editor for The Swanston Gazette, contributing to the production of two print magazines. During her time as an intern at The Conversation in early 2024, she oversaw the commissioning, editing and publication of a number of articles in the Business section. She also has experience in podcasting, having series-produced The Swanston Explainer in 2023.

Sofia Jayne

Sofia is a Melbourne-based journalist and graduate student at RMIT University, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Politics. Passionate about amplifying community voices and addressing social issues, she has already achieved significant milestones in her career. Currently working at Schwartz Media, Sofia is eager to contribute her skills and expand her expertise. She led RMIT’s student-run publication, The Swanston Gazette, overseeing team management and production. Through an internship with Amnesty International Indonesia, she gained a global perspective on pressing issues. As a youth editor at Inside Indonesia, Sofia is dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and reporting on issues affecting women and marginalised communities.

Senior Sub-Editors

Amanda Webster

Amanda is an IPEd Accredited Editor and a trained academic editor. She majored in journalism in a Bachelor of Creative Industries at QUT, and worked at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as an admin-cum-editor with the Games News Service. She values accuracy, ethics and social justice.

Belinda Winthrop

Belinda is an experienced journalist and has held senior roles in newspapers, communications and media relations. She has been an editor and acting chief of staff with News Limited, winning national awards in both digital and print publishing. Belinda has a passion for creating engaging content that gives communities a voice to drive change and make a difference.

Michael Haagensen

Michael, with a background in the arts and teaching, embarked on a 10-year journey as an ESL teacher at the tertiary level in Northern Europe. His work in universities opened doors to various opportunities, and since 1999, he has served as a copy editor for government entities, universities, cultural organisations, and private businesses. Additionally, Michael has worked as a copywriter for in-house newsletters, business life magazines, and contemporary art journals. He has authored language textbooks for secondary and tertiary levels, as well as a handbook for writing in plain English. Since 2018, Michael has specialised in academic editing and sub-editing, focusing on publications across a wide range of cultural fields.

Rebecca Fletcher

Rebecca has been working as an editor and content specialist since 2017. Since completing her Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing through the University of Melbourne in 2021, she has freelanced and worked as an editor for SAI Global and Melbourne Business School, among others. Currently a generalist editor freelancing across fiction and business editing, she has a strong focus on digital content. She also tends to pop up in strange places.

Mark Mann

Mark is an experienced sub-editor with 35 years of experience in print and online production journalism, as well as writing. He has held positions as a sub-editor for publications such as Vogue, The Daily Telegraph (2002-2018), and The Australian Financial Review (2019-) in Australia, and for notable publications including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star, The Times, The Guardian, Esquire, What’s On TV, and others in the UK. Mark has also contributed travel articles to publications such as The Independent, The Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Wanderlust, and Wild magazines. Additionally, he has authored four books titled “The Gringo Trail,” “The Stone Gate,” “Good Alternative Travel Guide,” and “Little Green Guide.” Mark’s expertise extends beyond journalism, as he has developed and maintained numerous websites and actively engages in local environmental activism and event management.


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