LINA is an industry association supporting digital, hyperlocal and independent news publishers.


LINA’s job is to help digital and hybrid news publishers increase the diversity and relevance of news services in communities across Australia. Our passion is to grow existing, and encourage new, hyperlocal media entrants by providing capacity building support, expert advice and access to critical third-party services, providing a deep level of hands-on support to members.


LINA was established in 2021 by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, and has an independent Board and a small staff.



LINA works to ensure that local audiences are served with independent, original, high-quality public-interest news reporting covering important issues.


Access to training events, resources, tip sheets, templates, industry calendars, guides and playbooks to support your newsroom.


We connect members with discount suppliers, expert advice and industry networks to save your news business money and time.

Hyperlocal publishers most commonly originate to fill a gap in local news coverage and/or to provide free access to local news when paywalls are introduced by other media outlets.


  • From January 2019 to August 2022 there were 265 newsroom contractions and 152 expansions across Australia. A net decrease of 113 newsrooms over 2.5 years.(Public Interest Journalism Initiative, Australian Newsroom Mapping Project, 2022)
  • In response to closing newsrooms, community members are increasingly establishing news services to meet a need for locally relevant news. There are approximately 350 hyperlocal publishers serving communities across Australia, as at July 2022.
  • Promisingly, approximately 20% of them have launched in the past two years. These are the green shoots of the news industry.
  • Around 35% of hyperlocal newsrooms operate with less than 2 staff members and 16% have zero paid staff.
  • Online news has been the main source of news content for Australian audiences, overtaking television in 2020. Over 3.4 million Australians use news feed sites as their primary news source, with a further 1.8 million subscribing to email updates and 1.1million using news websites as their primary new source. – Roy Morgan, August 2020.
  • 26% of news consumers source news content online, with a further 19% accessing news via social media. – Christopher Hughes, Statistica, July 2022

LINA Staff

Claire Stuchbery

Executive Director

Claire Stuchbery joined LINA from 1 July 2022 after a 20-year career in media policy, stakeholder engagement, policy development and communications.

Previously, Claire worked in policy and stakeholder engagement for First Nations Media Australia, the peak national body for First Nations not-for-profit broadcasting, media and communications.

Claire also worked in a range of senior management roles with the Community Broadcasting Foundation, ran her own media agency, worked in street press publications and was a broadcaster and board member at a number of community radio stations, including most notably, continuing volunteer roles at PBS in Melbourne.

Clare Hastings

Executive Support Officer

Clare has a Bachelor in Journalism and has worked in the communications space for over 20 years. She has worked across a variety of sectors including education, government and professional services. Before joining LINA in February 2024, Clare ran a content marketing business where she helped technology executives build their authority and influence.

Clare brings expertise in managing a variety of technology platforms to streamline LINA’s processes and drive productivity across the team.

Outside of work you’re most likely to find Clare with her nose in a book or her feet in the sand. She is based in Helensburgh, New South Wales, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Lily Martyn

Policy & Partnerships Officer

Lily has worked across both state and local government in corporate partnerships, fundraising, sustainability, media, communications and events. Earlier in her career she has worked in fitness, corporate event management and a brief stint as a travel agent. Most recently, Lily worked for the Victorian Labor Party, primarily focused on fundraising in the lead-up to the last election.

Lily has a Bachelor in Journalism and has worked in social media for Victorian MPs. In her spare time you’ll find her running after her three boys. Lily is based in Metung in Gippsland, Victoria.

Lily leads LINA’s government and stakeholder relationships, including funding partners. If you’re interested in strengthening Australia’s democracy through a diverse news media landscape, reach out to Lily via email.

Emma Marshall

Membership Engagement Coordinator

Emma comes to LINA with a background in radio and digital content distribution. She worked as a Digital Courier Operator at Nine for 8 years, prior to which she had presenter roles at Nova and SBS Pop Asia.

Emma brings expertise in social and digital platform expertise, including database systems focused on the sharing of content across media organisations. In her spare time, Emma produces podcasts. Emma is based in Macquarie Park, New South Wales.

To learn more about joining LINA, if you’re an existing member with a question, or if you would like work with our members, contact Emma via email.

Nell O’Shea Carré

Communications Officer

Nell has a background in digital and print journalism, communications and marketing, and has a Masters in documentary filmmaking. Before joining LINA in January 2024, Nell worked as a freelance Communications Consultant while interning in External Relations at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. She has previously conducted surveys and written reports on the work of journalists and the media landscape in Australia. 

Based in Melbourne, Nell is working with LINA to amplify member stories and to highlight the importance of public interest journalism and local, independent news. Get in touch with Nell via email.

Zahra Khalid

Data & Insights Analyst

Zahra has a background in qualitative research at Lahore University of Management Sciences where she worked as a Research Associate and undertook primary research, analysis and qualitative data coding.

She has co-authored an academic research paper and worked on policy recommendations for organisations such as the World Bank Organisation and PwC. She has an Honours degree in Political Science.

Zahra migrated to Australia from Pakistan five years ago and has since had a career break to raise a young family. She is based in Canberra.

LINA Board Members

Jon Bisset, Chair

Jon is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) . He is passionate about the non-profit and charity sector having spent more than 25 years as a Chief Executive and non-executive director. Read More

Jacky Barker

Jacky is the founder of In the Cove, one of the longest continuously running hyperlocals in Australia since its launch in 2012. Jacky has worked to promote hyperlocals in Australia and has met with hyperlocal publishers overseas.  In 2016, she went to the UK where she met with Centre for Community Journalism to learn about their hyperlocal movement. Read More

Emma Bones

Emma has broad ranging skills across operations, strategy, governance and finance, with a focus on charities. She is currently the General Manager of the Sydney Environment Institute. She is a registered Chartered Accountant and spent four years working as a tax accountant and adviser. Read More

Nelson Yap

Nelson Yap is the editor and publisher of Australian Property Journal (APJ). Founded in 2003, APJ is one of the oldest online digital-only publications in Australia. Nelson is passionate about media diversity, and supporting independent media and small publishers. Read More

Alan Sunderland

Alan is a journalist, author and editorial consultant with more than forty years’ experience working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Special Broadcasting Service. He worked as a news and current affairs reporter for both SBS and the ABC. Read More

Peri Strathearn

Peri Strathearn is the founder and managing editor of Murray Bridge News, an online news service in South Australia’s Murraylands. When he’s not trying to find a sustainable future of local journalism at the bottom of a cup of tea, you’ll find him playing a ukulele or adventuring with his two young daughters. Read More

LINA Board Members and Executive Director at our inaugural Summit in March 2023. From left: Emma Bones, Alan Sutherland, Nelson Yap, Jon Bisset, Claire Stuchbery, Peri Strathearn, Jacky Barker.

Advisors in the creation of LINA

Jacky BarkerFounder, In the Cove
Rebecca GuestFounder & CEO, The Fold Media
Denise ShrivellFounder, MediaScope
Grahame LynchPublisher, Northern Sydney Sun
Kim SmeeEditor, Manly Observer
Simon CrerarCo-founder, PS Media
Diana PatonPublisher, Galston, Glenorie & Hills Rural News
Peri StrathearnManaging Editor, Murray Bridge News
JessieAnne GartlanEditor, The Horsham Times
Corinne PodgerDirector & Principal, The Digital Skills Agency
Alan SunderlandExecutive Director, Organization of News Ombudsmen


LINA welcomes other news organisations, businesses and individuals to support us through a monthly donation.

Much like our members, we’ll invite you to LINA events and keep you updated on our activities.

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