LINA Membership

Thanks for your interest in joining LINA.

Our job is to support digital and hybrid news publishers to increase the diversity and relevance of news services to communities across Australia, so that audiences have access to local information, produced and distributed by people connected to their community.

Membership pricing will be set from 1st July each year for the financial year ahead with notification of any changes issued in early June.

We recognise that starting a news service is hard and expensive. LINA supports start-up newsrooms by offering discount membership rates in your first year of operations.

We are currently inviting Flagship level LINA membership, which gives you access to all resources, tools and guides, group discount offers, networking events, training opportunities, information and opt-in collaborations.

LINA members are locally owned and controlled news publishers, creating news content by and for a defined community.

Hallmarks of LINA membership include:

  • You publish quality news content that meets the LINA Editorial Standards;
  • While you might also have a print publication and/or other platforms, LINA members are digital native;
  • You are independently owned (whether not-for-profit, sole traders, partnerships, cooperatives or companies, you are owned and operated within the community you serve);
  • You engage journalists and contributors who are based within your location/community; and
  • You are community focussed, delivering public interest news and information on a broad range of topics to the community and responsive to the needs and priorities of your community.

LINA member services are primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at supporting small news providers with fewer than five (FTE equivalent) paid staff and are either not-for-profit or have an annual turnover of less than $350,000, however publishers with a higher income level are welcome to join.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your membership eligibility – we’d love to chat.

Established Publishers

$25 / month

Startups (first year)

$20 / month


$25 / month

Associate members share the same values and objectives as LINA members, and want to support the association, but may not meet all the requirements of Industry membership. Membership is subject to approval.

Service/BenefitIndustry MemberAssociate Member
Subsidised Summit attendanceYY
Access to advice, templates and resourcesYY
Slack channelY
Invites to ‘Shop-talk’ and networking sessionsYY
Member newsletterYY
Representation in policy forumsYY
Access to content sharing and content amplification opportunitiesYY
Centralised IT supportYY
Collective advertising representationYY
Coordinated fundraising participationYY
Access to training opportunities and resourcesYFee for service
Business coaching programsPrioritisedFee for service
Impact Tracking templates and data development/audience engagement supportPrioritisedY
Access to shared servicesPrioritisedY
Vote at AGMY
Access to pro bono legal adviceY
Collective bargaining representationY
Eligibility for LINA distributed grantsY
Industry members will be prioritised for LINA programs and activities with limited capacity.

Membership benefits

Join the conversation on our member Slack channel
Come along to our networking sessions
Receive a free 12-month Canva Pro subscription and adaptable Canva templates to use with your branding
Receive a 25% discount on the VettNews Cx tool to streamline corrections
Receive our member tip sheet e-newsletter, including notifications on relevant grant opportunities
Representation in policy forums
Access to a research repository of valuable quotes and statistics to bolster your grant applications and media kits
Invitations to networking and training events
Discounted LINA conference registration fees
One vote per organisation for elected board members
Access to policy, tip sheet resources and templates
Access to member discount rates on insurance packages
Receive a 30% discount on the Newsletter Glue WordPress plugin to simplify your newsletter process
Access to industry calendar (grants, events, awards, training)
Access to on-call technical advice on websites and administrative systems
Receive invitations to our discussion groups and training events on topics such as revenue generation, complaints tools, digital campaigning, transparency, media law and more…
*Direct revenue development support (Press Patron, Giving Tuesday)
*Access to group discounts for other services (accounting, HR)
*Collective advertising representation (revenue opt-in)
*Access to the ‘Start-Ups playbook’

*Coming soon

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