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Local & Independent News Association

Australia's not-for-profit industry association supporting local and independent digital news

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Monday 3 June to friday 7 june 2024

$92,000 donated to newsrooms

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Thank you for joining us at the second annual LINA Summit in Port Douglas, Queensland

Tuesday 30 April to Thursday 2 May, 2024
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Supporting digital news publishers to increase the diversity, relevance and sustainability of news services in communities across Australia.

Strengthening public interest journalism

Capacity-building support for newsrooms

Networking and services for digital news

Gain the support and guidance of the LINA team and members

We help nurture local and independent digital media organisations, and encourage new publishers by providing capacity-building support, expert advice, peer-to-peer training and networking and access to critical third-party services and a digital library of resources. The deep hands-on support provided by LINA will directly address the challenges commonly cited by news organisations.

Enhancing high-quality news coverage of important local, original and public-interest issues

As audiences have shifted to digital news consumption, business models sustained by advertising and user-fees have weakened globally. This has particularly impacted the media’s ability to serve diverse and regional voices.

In response to closing newsrooms, rising syndication of content, and the introductions of paywalls, community members are increasingly establishing news services to meet a need for locally relevant and accessible news.

Our passion is supporting these ‘green shoots’ of a news industry in transition.

LINA members

LINA members are locally owned and controlled news publishers, creating news content by and for a defined community.

LINA members are:

  • Publishing high-quality news content that meets the LINA Editorial Standards.
  • While publishers might also have a print publication and/or other distribution platforms, LINA members are digital natives.
  • Independently owned, within the community they serve.
  • Engaging journalists and contributors who are based within the location/community.
  • Producing content that is community focussed, delivering public interest news and information on a broad range of topics to the community, and responsive to the needs and priorities of their community.


LINA members


Mastheads supported

“When it comes to local, community-based journalism, a quiet revolution is underway.”

Alan Sunderland, Ten Rules of Reporting, Simon & Schuster, Australia, 2022

Providing members with


Strategic advice

Supporting strategic planning processes for engaged members.


Technological support

Advising on CMS and publishing platforms. 


Operational advice

From organisational structure to recruitment and succession planning.


Community & events

Presenting regular events for knowledge sharing, developing new ideas and building an active community who support and learn from each other.



Providing access to a comprehensive suite of resources including guides and playbooks which collate and share the knowledge and experience of the Association and its members.


Sustainable business models

Supporting strategic planning processes for engaged members.



Building partnerships to ensure that hyperlocal media is championed for the important role it plays in Australia’s media landscape and democracy.


Code of Ethics implementation

Including assistance in developing policies and procedures to ensure the code is adhered to.

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