Membership Terms

Our commitment

  • LINA will make every effort to provide consistent, high-quality services to members and to develop further member benefits as quickly as possible. 
  • LINA’s role is to support a vibrant hyperlocal and independent news landscape in Australia, including nurturing start-up newsrooms and seeking multiple news sources to inform audiences. Our view is: more is more. 
  • LINA will represent its members professionally and will regularly consult its membership for guidance on key priorities and principles. 
  • LINA will maintain an inclusive environment and reserves the right to revoke membership should our Codes of Conduct be violated.

Your commitment

As a LINA member you will:

  • Uphold LINA’s Editorial Standards in your work (Download PDF) ;
  • Adhere to the LINA members Code of Conduct when engaging with other members (Download PDF)
  • Actively contribute to a collective community aiming to build capacity for all involved; and
  • Maintain payment of monthly membership fees

By clicking the ‘acknowledge and agree’ button below, you are agreeing that:

A) I have read the LINA Members Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards and commit to upholding the values and actions outlined throughout my membership of LINA.

B) I agree to monthly membership payments charged to the credit card provided on an ongoing basis.

C) I acknowledge that membership fees paid will not be refunded.

D) I acknowledge that cancellation of membership must be notified via email and will result in no further charges beyond the notification date.

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