Lina Members Code of Conduct

LINA’s role is to support, nurture and grow capacity for local news production, online and in other mediums. We want to foster a community environment of reciprocity, respect and inclusivity. We’re all in the same game, striving for similar outcomes, so LINA asks all members to work together under these key principles.

This Code of Conduct is not a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for members. Rather, it outlines the spirit of gathering as an association. Its intention is broadly: with integrity we are stronger together.

Cooperation & Coordination

LINA is bringing its members together to help each other out. While LINA is leading member services and industry representation, there is much to be gained from news businesses sharing resources and knowledge, collaborating and finding shared solutions to common problems. To do this effectively, we ask LINA members to turn up, bring your expertise, share learnings (good and bad) and actively contribute to building a strong LINA community. We ask that LINA members be honest, open and fair in your interactions and not to provide information gained through your membership of LINA to businesses or stakeholders outside of LINA communications.


LINA members should enjoy a space of mutual trust to test ideas, share challenges, swap contacts and generally feel confident to speak openly within the membership. With this in mind, we ask members to maintain confidentiality toward discussions and information shared, ensuring all LINA forums are off the record and de-identified. Further, LINA members should not make or publish statements to the media (or on social media) about LINA business, unless asked to do so by LINA’s Executive Director.


We are up for passionate debate within LINA forums, but we’re not here for aggressive behaviour, personal attacks, bullying in any form, discrimination or harassment. LINA members are expected to remain courteous and professional, avoiding offensive language and/or commentary on the gender, ethnicity, ability, religion or personal lives of fellow members. LINA promotes an inclusive space for all members of the community and will not tolerate lateral violence or personal criticism directed at any individual.


LINA seeks to build revenue opportunities for its members, but not to sell to them. Please refrain from soliciting or selling products in this space. There are other avenues for that, but we’re here primarily for learning and sharing. Further, we ask that you disclose any conflicts of interest when discussing services or products with LINA staff and members.

At all times, LINA members are required to comply with all Australia laws and follow reasonable instructions from our team.

If any participant in a LINA event, LINA-hosted activity or LINA forum engages in unacceptable behaviour, LINA reserves the right to revoke access to the event or activity, cancel membership without refund and/or take legal action if deemed necessary.

If you feel uncomfortable or have concerns about inappropriate behaviour through your participation with LINA, please report it to a LINA team member via

This Code of Conduct is inspired by LION Publishers and adapted for LINA purposes.

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