LINA is inviting members to participate in free one-on-one workshops to set up your Impact Tracker dashboard.

Why impact tracking?

Being able to prove your value to your local community is absolutely essential to gaining funding. Grant assessors, donors and advertising partners all need to see the engagement and response to your publication’s reporting. Even readers and interview or story sources may be swayed to engage based on the proven influence your reporting has had.

An impact tracker helps collect quantitative and qualitative data that often gets missed, such as positive feedback from a reader, so that you can prove your value within your community.


LINA is offering members hands-on support to set up your own Impact Tracker dashboard. Book two one-on-one sessions with our Data and Insights Analyst, Zahra, and she will get you going (read: do it for you) in about three hours…

US-based company Impact Architects has developed this tool for LINA members to collect qualitative data such as reader feedback. This is displayed on a dashboard created on Google Looker Studio. You can add other sources such as Google Analytics, social media and website data to the dashboard as well, to see all your stats in one place.

Read more about the impact tracker here.


  • Enrol in two sessions with Zahra Khalid, LINA’s Data and Insights Analyst. Both sessions will be held in the same week, for 90 minutes each.
  • Build impact tracking into your workflow. Don’t worry — we’ll show you how to do this, it will take about 10 minutes each week.

When booking a time slot, keep in mind that you need to book both sessions in the same week. Please book both sessions before your first meeting.

There will be a follow up session after two weeks to discuss progress and any support needed. Please email if you have any questions. 


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