Resource round-up

We’ve been busy expanding our set of resources for LINA members, so here’s a round-up of some of what we’ve been working on! These resources are only available in our Members Area – if you’re interested in joining, take a look out our membership guidelines and get in touch!

Shop-talk videos

Each fortnight, our members get together on Zoom and are joined by a guest speaker. Since these began, we’ve had sessions on insurance, news product thinking, trust and corrections, and a success story from Region Media. Recordings are available for each session for those unable to attend.

Member offers

We’ve been able to secure discounts for our members to access vital insurance through KBI Group, design services and templates with Canva Pro, and complaints handling through the VettNews Cx platform. Members are already taking up these offers and accessing premium services at reduced rates.

Social media policy templates

We’ve developed Social Media Policy and Social Media Terms of Use templates for use and adaptation by LINA members. Our Social Media Policy is designed to set expectations across teams and contributors on the use of company social media forums and provide guidance for best practice measures to protect organisational reputation in social media spaces. The Terms of Use provides guidance to people interacting (primarily via comments) in online community spaces curated by LINA members.

MEAA Code of Ethics

We’ve provided access to the MEAA Code of Ethics straight from the Members Area – no need to go digging!

Business structures

Sourced from, we’ve made outlines of different for-profit business structures accessible and easy to navigate. Members can learn more about the practical differences between operating as a sole trader, company, partnership, trust, co-operative, joint venture, or indigenous corporation.

Setting up subscriptions

Whether you’re operating on WordPress, Pagemasters Publish, Substack, Storipress, or Ghost (or any other platform), we’ve delivered some suggestions on how digital newsrooms can get a subscription system up and running. One of the most important elements of digital news publishing, this decision is worth putting some thought into!

Demystifying metadata

Look, we’ve tried. Members are able to read through the main uses and risks of metadata, and how it is relevant to independent news publishing. Whether it’s keeping your website and post metadata organised and relevant, or putting image metadata to use in your fact-checking or investigative reporting, we’ve got it covered.

We’re adding new resources every week – send through your suggestions for resources that your organisation needs sooner rather than later!

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