LINA’s board expands with two experienced publishers

LINA’s board has expanded to seven Directors, with Nelson Yap and Peri Strathearn completing our team of news publishers, journalists and governance experts leading the association.

We are thrilled to welcome Nelson Yap from Australian Property Journal and Peri Strathearn from Murray Bridge News to our team of Directors.

Peri Strathearn is the founder and managing editor of Murray Bridge News, an online news service in South Australia’s Murraylands. When he’s not trying to find a sustainable future of local journalism at the bottom of a cup of tea, you’ll find him playing a ukulele or adventuring with his two young daughters.

Nelson Yap publishes and edits Australian Property Journal, Australia’s number one online property and real estate investment news magazine. Through hard work, Australian Property Journal became the first Australian online and digital publication to join the Australian Press Council in 2008.

Many of LINA’s board members, as well as staff members Claire Stuchbery and Claire Albrecht, were able to meet in Sydney this week for a strategic planning session anticipating a productive and exciting year ahead.

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