LINA and DPA launch new showcase series

The digital publishing landscape is constantly shifting, presenting new challenges and opportunities for Australian news publishers. To navigate these changes, the Digital Publishers Alliance (DPA) and the Local & Independent News Association (LINA) are thrilled to announce a bespoke online showcase series. Our inaugural event zeroes in on one of the most critical components for any digital publisher: Content Management Systems (CMS).

About the Series

The DPA and LINA’s showcase series promises to be an practical journey through multiple facets of digital publishing. While the opening session is dedicated to exploring CMS options, future topics will delve into areas like digital marketing, audience engagement, monetisation tools, and much more. This initiative is particularly designed for our digital news publishers who aim to stay up to date in a rapidly moving digital environment.

First Stop: All Things CMS

Exploring the Heart of Digital Publishing

The first session of the series focuses on CMS platforms, crucial for managing, delivering, and optimising content in the digital space. This session is tailor-made for:

  • Publishers and Editors: Understand how different CMS platforms can enhance editorial workflows, improve content quality, and streamline operations.
  • Your Tech Teams and Developers: Dive into the technical aspects, from integration capabilities to scalability and security.
  • Strategy Makers: Learn how the choice of CMS can influence broader business strategies and audience engagement.

Why This Focus?

In digital news publishing, a CMS does much more than just organise content. It’s the backbone supporting your voice, audience interaction, and ultimately, the bottom line. Choosing the right CMS can lead to enhanced user experiences, improved SEO, and stronger digital presence.

What to Expect

  • In-Depth Analysis & Demonstrations: Get a close look at three CMS platforms, their usability, adaptability, and how they can align with different publishing needs.
  • Expert Insights & Panels: Hear from industry leaders about emerging CMS trends, including AI integration, automation, and personalised content delivery.
  • Networking & Collaboration: Connect with peers, share insights, and put forward your pressing questions.

Broadening the Horizon

Future sessions in this series will span a variety of topics crucial for modern digital publishers. We aim to create a comprehensive roadmap that assists publishers in not just understanding but also mastering the art of digital publishing with the help of the latest technological tools.

Who Should Join?

Whether you’re leading a larger news outlet, managing a smaller hyperlocal publication, or spearheading the tech department, these sessions are crafted to offer valuable insights for all levels of our combined membership. By participating, you’re not just attending another webinar; you’re participating in a community dedicated to shaping the future of digital news publishing.

Join us for our first showcase session to learn all things CMS from the industry itself.

CMS Showcase Details

Friday 10th November

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