Member Survey 2023

Help us help you.

Each year LINA will check in with you to shape our continual improvement efforts – we want to be as useful for members as we can be! We want to know how you’re going, and how we’re going. With that in mind, this survey helps us:

a) know which member services are useful and which are just nice ideas, therefore guiding our focus to the most useful areas;
b) collect some data on our growth as a sector within the news media industry each year; and
c) capture some details that help us shape programs and projects. Specifically, this year we have some questions about your advertising activities to inform the collective advertising representation project we’ve been working on. 

So, it might take around 10 minutes, and you might need to rustle up some numbers. We’ve tried to keep it tight, but we’re both curious and data-driven folk, so the more questions you answer now, the more we can tailor our support services to save you the back and forth later in the year.

We never share your personal information outside of LINA staff, ever. Some data will be shared in aggregate form and generally as percentages. Eg. 50% of LINA members engage volunteer contributors. Refer to the Privacy Policy for further details, or give Emma a call if you have any concerns or questions about how this information might be utilised.  

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