Thanks for your interest in joining LINA.

Our job is to support news publishers to increase the diversity and relevance of news services to communities across Australia
so that audiences have access to local information, produced and distributed by people connected to their community.

LINA members are locally owned and controlled news publishers creating news content by and for a defined community.

Hallmarks of our membership include:

  • You publish quality news content that meets the LINA Editorial Standards;
  • While you might also have a print publication and/or other platforms, LINA members are digital native;
  • You are independently owned (whether not-for-profit, sole traders, partnerships, cooperatives or companies, you are owned and operated within the community you serve);
  • You engage journalists and contributors who are based within your location/community; and
  • You are community focussed, delivering public interest news and information on a broad range of topics to the community and responsive to the needs and priorities of your community.

LINA member services are primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at supporting small news providers with fewer than five (FTE equivalent) paid staff and are either not-for-profit or have an annual turnover of less than $350,000, however publishers with a higher income level are welcome to join.

Is this you?

If yes, explore our membership options:

If not, you might be interested in becoming a LINA supporter.

LINA welcomes other news organisations, businesses and individuals to support us through a monthly donation.
Much like our members, we’ll invite you to LINA events and keep you updated on our activities.

Or there might be another organisation that serves your needs, such as:

  • Community Broadcasting Association of Australia – community radio stations
  • Country Press Australia – print newspapers
  • Digital Publishers Alliance – online publishers with a revenue >$300k
  • First Nations Media Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media