Application Submitted

Thanks for your application. The LINA team will assess your application to make sure you’re in the right place and eligible for membership.

LINA staff will use the following criteria to determine whether a membership application is approved:

  • Independent ownership – your news business is privately owned and not primarily run by a publicly traded company, government or predominantly funded agency (eg. local Council, ABC/SBS), political or religious institution.
  • Digital native – you are publishing public interest news content online.
  • Relevant news content – your publication is publishing original news content across a range of topics relevant to your community interest and not exclusively focused on niche or single issues. Further, your news content is genuine reporting, differentiating between advertorial, opinion and news content, demonstrating sound journalistic practices (as per our Editorial Standards) and appropriately attributed.
  • Community engagement – you have a demonstrable audience and actively seek to interact and receive feedback from your readers/followers.
  • Location – you are based in Australia and primarily tailoring news content to an Australian-based audience. Publications may be written in languages other than English, however LINA is only able to provide services in English language.

We will review your application and provide you with login details to our Members Area via email once approved.

Your bank statement will show payments as “LINA FEES”

You can expect to hear from us within 4 weeks with the next steps… In the meantime, we’ll add you to our newsletter list and will be in touch to get to know you better very soon!

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