LINA Member Survey Reminder

Hi there!

You might have had some emails and phone calls about our annual member survey… We hope this can be the last one! This annual data roundup is an essential part of LINA membership. Without it, we can’t accurately present data to advocate for local and independent publishing in Australia, and we can’t see how things might be improving or changing in the industry over time.

With the information you provide during this once-a-year info dump, we’ll be able to provide more targeted support. We use your combined member statistics to bolster our policy submissions, make our grant applications tell powerful stories, and convince Government to provide support to the industry. It allows us to create informative visualisations and statistics like the ones below. But right now, your newsroom data isn’t being included.

What can you do about that?

You can take a moment this week to fill out the member survey! We need this data complete by the end of this week, so that we can start to process the information and create some finalised data visualisations that represent all members.

Average newsletter subscribers: 3,261

Average amount of paid staff: 4

What development stage are you at?

Income ranges in 2022/23


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